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Professional Development

Here are some professional development topics and resources from past sessions.

Teaching music with a social-emotional learning focus

Music satisfies the soul. But many of our colleagues (and maybe even our students) simply don’t know how powerful music can be as an outlet for social-emotional wellness. Here are a few simple ideas to promote a positive classroom culture, wellness, and healthy habits for strong mental health with your music students, your colleagues, and even music-enthusiast friends!

LACAOSA Chapter Share 9.26.20 - SEL w Mrs.T..jpg

Quizlet in the Music classroom

Quizlet's unique features help teach music literacy, foster collaboration skills between peers, and build communication skills, all while creating an engaging and safe learning environment in your classroom. Create diagrams to explain parts of an instrument, strengthen literacy skills with study sets of music vocabulary words, and build communication and teamwork skills playing Quizlet Live!

Quizlet Unconference 2020 presenter flyer.jpg

How to use Gmail for students in grades 3-5

Is your school district using Google Apps for Education? If so, students and teachers have access to a free district email account through Google (Gmail). If you want your young students to learn how to use email, here's a quick tutorial you can use!

Copy of Gmail for Students.jpg
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